Terms and Conditions

In this agreement “CLIENT” means the person/persons booking the tour. “COMPANY” means Kerala Travels Interserve Ltd or their agent. The brochure for the tour package has been prepared with the information available at the time of its publication and the details may change due to reasons beyond the control of the company. However any changes that occur after booking the tour will be informed to the client well in advance. The price quoted for each tour package is calculated on the basis of the current currency exchange rates and the company reserves the right to amend the prices consequent to any change in the exchange rates or any hike in the airline fares prior to the departure dates.

Due to full booking or any other reason accommodation may not be available in the hotels originally notified, but in such cases alternate accommodation will be arranged in hotels of the same category. Regarding meals preferment; while all efforts will be made to meet the client’s requirements, it may not be possible always to strictly comply with their wishes due to reasons beyond the control of the company. Even though earnest efforts will be made, the company cannot assure that special diet requirements can be catered to.

At times due to practical difficulties the itinerary may have to be altered; however it is assured that all the places in the itinerary and sightseeing will be covered if possible, and only the order of events may change.

The company is organizing the tours, but does not control or operate the airlines, or the transporting companies, or the hotels or any other facility or service included in the package offered. While all possible care has been taken by the company in the selection of the parties giving those facilities, the company does not have control over the running of them and so cannot be held responsible for any lapse, damage or loss caused by the default of the management or employees of those service providers.

It will be the responsibility of the clients to take care of their baggage and personal effects and the company will not be in any way responsible or liable in case of theft or loss of the same anywhere throughout the tour. The company reserves the right to claim the actual additional expenses incurred by them due to changes in the schedules of trains, planes etc. The company shall not be liable to bear any responsibility for loss of baggage by the airline, or failure on the part of the airline to accommodate the clients despite having confirmed tickets. In the event of the client missing a flight, or sightseeing tour or any part of the tour, due to delay on his part he will not be entitled for any refund or compensation.

The company will not be held responsible for any loss, damages, injuries accidents or deaths that may occur during the tour due to natural calamities, acts of war, or negligence on the part of the clients.

In the land journeys there will be no reservation of seats, but the seating will be on first come first served basis. Any damages caused to the vehicles by the clients shall be reimbursed to the company by the client. The company will assist the clients to obtain the necessary visas but will not be held responsible for any rejection of visa by the concerned authorities. Any expenditure incurred by the client to appear personally for obtaining the visa shall be borne by the client

The signing of the booking form by the client means total acceptance of the terms and conditions for the tour prescribed herein by the company Change over from one tour to another will not be normally allowed; but may be done in special cases by the company on terms and conditions to be finalized by the company in each case according to their discretion. Any person who has to cancel the tour due to the reason of not obtaining the necessary visa will be paid refund of the amounts remitted by them as per the refund rules stipulated below. In case of cancellation of booking after signing the booking form the cancellation charges will be levied by the company as follows.

In case of cancellation upto30 days prior to commencement of tour : 25% of the cost of the tour

In case of cancellation between 30 to 15 days prior to commencement of tour : 50% of the cost

Cancellation 15 days or less prior to commencement of tour : 100% of cost

The company reserves the right to cancel any tour without assigning reasons, in which case alternate tours will be offered or all the amount paid by the client except the actual expenditure incurred for obtaining visas will be refunded.

The payment of cost to the company for every tour will be as follows:

Payment at the time of booking : Rs.30,000/-

30 days prior to commencement of tour : Additional 50% of the cost

15 days prior to departure date : Balance amount

In case a client wants a different departure date, additional stay in the final place of visit and hence a different arrival date than the grou, the same has to be intimated at the time of booking and the company will inform the client the additional payments to be made in such cases.

The client should ensure before commencement of the tour his physical condition to undertake the tour and in any case should take the necessary insurance cover before joining the group. The company will take all possible steps to make the tour comfortable to the client. However in the unlikely event of any complaint by the client against the company or any action based on such complaint should be made within three months from the last day of the tour failing which the company shall be discharged of all liabilities arising out of this contract. The liability of the company, arising in anyway from this contract in respect of any tour shall not exceed the total amount of the cost of the package remitted by each client and will in no case involve any additional amounts whatsoever. Each of the above conditions shall be servable from the others and in case any clause is found to be non-enforceable legally, the other provisions shall have full force and applicability. All disputes arising out of or in any way connected with this shall be deemed to have arisen in Thiruvananthapuram and only courts in Kerala shall have jurisdiction to determine the same.