Frequently asked questions

Ans: Russia is a safe country to visit. It doesn’t mean that there is no risk in visiting a night club or sauna alone at midnight. Moscow and St – Petersburg are rated safer than Chicago, New York and Paris. It goes without saying that like in all cities you need to be beware of pick pocketers.

Ans: Russians, in general treat foreign tourists well, and are curious about people. They will not typically smile to strangers. It doesn’t mean that they are hostile to you. It is just a custom there. Russians are very friendly with Indians. Every third person in Russia whom you will meet will take to your memories to the old Indian films .You will experience the magic of Indian films that can help you to establish friendship with Russians easily.

Ans: Russians are health conscious and believe in tasty food. Soups, varieties of salads and fish or meat are included in their one time meal. Varieties of Vegetarian foods are available for your choice.

Ans: Soviet Union never encouraged foreign tourists. But the present Russian Government gives priority to tourism. One of the main reasons Russia had decided to host FIFA World Cup was to promote tourism. There is no iron wall of the former USSR. The uncertainty of the 90’s no more exist. Modern Russia is welcoming Foreign tourists yearly.
The Tsar Russia was one of the greatest Emperors in the world. After the revolution in 1917 the communists formed the Soviet Union. The Soviet iron curtain kept foreigners away from enjoying the beauty of the historic places, beautiful landscapes and wonderful cultural and tradition of the largest country in the world. The disintegration of the Soviet Union resulted the birth of the 15 new countries and Russia. Officially Russian Federation still remains the largest country even today. 90’s were tough years for Russia. Since 2000, Russia has been making significant growth in all spheres including tourism. The Government is spending billions to showcase the tradition and culture. Buildings have been renovated without losing the aristocratic beauty of the Tsarists. Old hotels which were run by the Government organisations had been taken over and managed by leading hotel networks in Europe. In 2015 the number of tourists visited Russia mounted to 3.3 cores. One of the reasons why Russia had decided to host FIFA World Cup was the promotion of tourism. 2.9 million Foreigners visited Russia to watch FIFA 18.

Ans: It is always better to take US dollars. Our guide will help you to change money or Euro. But you can withdraw cash in Russia at ATM by using international Debit/Credit Cards.

Ans: Considering the weather best time to visit Russia is April through October. Temperature between May & September ranges from 20 deg C to 30 deg C in daytime.

Ans: It is always better to keep your hotels business location card with you. Your taxi driver can help you to reach the hotel.

Ans: Yes, like any other European city, like Uber, Yandex taxi operates in all major cities
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Ans: At the immigration desk/ Passport counter, you will be given a slip. Please do not lose it. Keep the immigration slip until your departure. You need to return it at the immigration counter while departure.

Ans: Russians uses 2 round European outlets (see image).You can buy an adapter at a nearby shop.

Ans: Local SIM Cards can be bought at the airport. If you want to use the roaming for your existing Indian number, please contact your service provider for special package for Russia, both for phone and data usage.

Ans: Policemen in Russia are polite and treat foreigners with respect. But it is their right to check your documents. So it is advisable to keep your passport or other documents issued by the hotel.